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I feel like this is really helping with my panic attacks. They normally affect me late at night before bed when the weight of everything just kind of gets to me. But since I started taking the A2X tablets, it's not happening nearly as much.

- Rory K., Burleigh Heads, QLD, Australia

I wasn't sure if A2X was actually working at first. For the first 2 weeks or so, I really felt nothing. Shortly after that, I started to feel a subtle difference though. It wasn't particularly strong or anything like that, but I started to feel it more and more every few days. Now it's been 6 months that I've been taking it. At this point, I can absolutely say that I feel a difference. It's not like when I used to take meds. I still feel anxious from time to time, unlike with the meds. The meds were really messing with my thinking though and making me feel really out of it all the time. I really like the way these A2X pills make me feel.

- Patty T., Odessa, TX, United States

A2X is a real breath of fresh air. I feel like I'm at peace after taking it. It's really changed my outlook on life now that I have this part of my life handled.

- Jack T., Melbourne, VIC, Australia

My meds were making me feel sick. I didn't feel myself after going on them, and then when I tried to go off I had terrible withdrawal. The transition was bad, but I started to take A2X part of the way through. It seemed to make a big difference when I added the A2X in there. Now I successfully weaned myself off the meds completely, but I still take the A2X because it's a nice alternative to still have something all-natural that's helping my anxiety. I think it would be too risky for me to just go it alone without any help. It's good to know that the A2X is there to help me.

- Aisha C., Woodstock, IL, United States

I've recommended it to all my friends. I mean, it's really only $4.95 to try. It works for me and I get it every month. It didn't work for one of my friends. She tried it and thought it might be working a little bit so she bought one more bottle. But halfway through she decided to call it quits. She called up the company and spoke to someone right away and sent a refund right away. She never got anything again. No shipments, no charges, nothing. It's so nice to deal with a company that actually does business the right way.

- Diane B., Linden, NJ, United States

I feel like I can really tell when it starts to kick in. It takes maybe like 20 minutes for me on an empty stomach. A bit longer after I've eaten something — maybe like 30 to 45 minutes. When it starts working, I feel like I'm just letting out a sigh of relief. My worries just seem to fall away and I can just relax and enjoy the present.

- Joyce S., Dublin, Co. Dublin, Ireland

I cannot even remember what life was like before A2X. I have been a customer from the very beginning, I think. I have ordered over 30 bottles of tablets over the last few years, and I'm certainly not going to stop any time soon. These tablets really work well for me.

- Ronald M., Leeds, Yorkshire, England

The military has given me many different meds to help with anxiety associated with my time in Iraq and none have worked as well as A2X. This is a great product and if you need to be one with yourself this is for you.

- Guillermo R., Saint Cloud, FL, United States

This stuff is amazing! However, It's not a magic pill. It gave me the ability to control my anxiety and stress. It helped me be calm in normal life situations-like socializing and work- but also was very helpful for me in extra stressful situations-like talking in front of a large group of people. I took the pills that morning, and was still a little nervous up until the point that I was in front of the crowd, then in the moment I was able to take a deep breath and be calm. It was so great! And I LOVE that it's natural! This stuff is perfect for people who need just a little extra help.

- Allison Y., Lenoir, NC, United States

So I have a two year old and and have been watching a lot of kid's movies lately, so after taking A2X, the phrase hakuna matata kinda just sums it up for me on this product. After I have been taking this I feel a much needed sense of calm. I never knew how wound up I was until I started taking A2X and started to feel much more relaxed.

- Wendy S., Selma, CA, United States

I have tried many kinds of calm down products and this one works best. I'm always worrying about everything everyday as I have GAD. This product is a little expensive, but well worth it!

- Noreen O., Niceville, FL, United States

I can feel a change already after taking it for two days. I feel too serene almost, which is actually amazing for me. I typically am stressed and anxiety ridden due to my recent career change. Now, I take things on with utter ease, I plan on using these capsules for another 3 months to see how their effects increase. I hear that the longer you take them, the better the effects are. At this rate my family and friends are going to think I'm on something LMAO.

- Paul J., Colorado Springs, CO, United States

I suffer from severe emotional depression and often find myself getting stomach aches when something upsets me - even something as little as a drama on TV. I know that sounds ridiculous, but it's true. Most of the time I also find I get sick from these stomach aches and no depression medication can make it go away. I won't get upset, but the gut aches are still there when the depression isn't. This stuff seems to take the edge off.

- Michael W., Chanhassen, MN, United States

These pills are not only making me a bit happier but I am no longer having any panic attacks! I'm so happy to have given these a chance!

- Paul D., Taree, NSW, Australia

A2X is a great pick me up. I have been using it for going on 3 months now, and I am starting to wean myself off of my depression meds.

- Darla D., Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Working in the building industry the days are very fast paced and stressful, then the family life starts and the stress is still there. When A2X is taken, i actually feel myself slowing down and can get a good nights sleep.

- Andy L., Bedford, MA, United States

A lot of times when I'm nervous I'll get like a nervous stomach. Like a cramp or a stitch in the pit of my stomach and it's just crippling. It's hard to concentrate on anything because of the pain and it's just so distracting I can't really think or do anything. I was searching for this kind of thing online and seeing if any other people had the same kind of thing happening to them. There are some forums that talk about A2X and it has a good effect on the same kind of thing I'm dealing with. I've been trying for a little bit with it now and I think it's making a pretty big difference. That nervous pit of my stomach pain is pretty much gone. Just a little uneasiness, but tolerable. I think I'm gonna keep taking it and see if it gets rid of it completely over time.

- Corwin N., Hollister, CA, United States

I need A2X to get through my day. My job is an extremely stressful customer service job. I am constantly on the phone all day long and dealing with angry customers that say mean things to me. Sometimes their attacks even get personal. I'm just doing my job and trying to deal with the customers pleasantly and to be as helpful as possible. But it's hard to do that when people are just yelling at you all the time. I started taking A2X on the recommendation of my colleague. I feel like it has made a big difference in terms of my tolerance of the customer service calls for my job. A2X helps me feel more relaxed for the duration of my shift. I think it's even making a difference for me in terms of my ability to diffuse the customers because of my more calm demeanor.

- Rosalie G., Charleston, SC, United States

I feel so much better ever since I started taking A2X. I take it every morning when I wake up and it seems to last me most of the day. A2X has really been a godsend for me and my anxiety. It makes me look forward to waking up every day again.

- Larry S., Page, AZ, United States

I found A2X when I was looking for natural remedies for anxiety relief online. There were a few other ones out there, but A2X seemed to be the one that was all over the place with positive reviews and advertising and just visibility online. I'm a big believer in going with the thing that everyone else has tried instead of being a trailblazer and trying a less tried option. So I figured I would give A2X a try since everyone else seemed to be. I definitely didn't regret it. A2X seems to work really well for me, and it's perfect because I wasn't really expecting a whole lot since it wasn't prescription medication. I haven't tried anything else, but I haven't felt the need to since A2X seemed to work pretty much right away for me.

- Judy F., Niceville, FL, United States

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