About Us

A2X for Calm and Focus is manufactured for and sold by Impact Nutraceuticals, a limited liability corporation located in Greenwich, CT.

Prior to the formation of Impact Nutraceuticals, the founders were both personally affected by stress and anxiety. Rather than resort to prescription medication as was recommended by doctors, they decided to take a different path. They both overcame their anxiety issues using natural methods such as diet changes, new exercise regimens, and herbal remedies.

Upon meeting, the founders discovered that they had similar backstories involving their past struggles with anxiety and their holistic approach to conquering it. Concerned by the prevalence of prescription medication as the primary method to overcome anxiety, the founders decided to develop a simple, natural alternative for anxiety relief and make it available to everyone.

With the assistance of a groundbreaking nutraceutical laboratory and its research team, the founders formulated a natural remedy containing the three safest and most powerful herbs available for stress and anxiety relief. Because of the calm yet focused feeling many of the testers experienced when trying the formula, the founders decided to call the product "A2X for Calm and Focus."

While a natural remedy for anxiety relief was the driving force behind the formation of Impact Nutraceuticals, the founders have decided to use their expertise to develop other natural remedies for different ailments. Their mission is to provide cutting-edge natural remedies of the highest quality by combining modern clinical research with holistic medicine.